High School Reunion After 20 Years.

Guess what! I’ve been to my high school reunion just recently and it was incredibly a fantastic experience. Not counting the snubbing incident with a former flame, yes! I was snubbed which was freaking crazy.

Anyway, the reunion went well as planned, thanks to everyone who wholeheartedly help on the preparations. High School as they would say is the most unforgettable experience counting the “good and the bad ones”. Yes, it was for me the happiest phase of my young life. Happiest in the sense that, my happy experiences surpasses that of the bad ones ( lucky for me).

I felt ecstatic seeing those classmates after a long time, though there are some who are logistically located with me and we often see each other in many occassions. We live in an era where facebook, Instagram, text and telephone calls are an easy access but there is no substitute for physical presence…the opportunity to engage in a conversation to discuss feelings and thoughts beyond the superficial level, there is this feeling of completeness. Everyone as I can see were so happy to finally came face to face with classmates from before. I can’t even stop myself from smiling from ear to ear upon seeing them all. Those were moments that no amount of money can equate and you just wanted that clock to just stop there on the that very day.

Moreover, adding the excitement were those teachers from before that even if two decades had already passed but they still remember our names! Our level of happiness on those moments were on the the highest of all high ( those faces explained it all!)

Many of us are from far away places with work and responsibility back home but we come together as one to celebrate and reminisce our youthfulness. It was in all note a day full of laughter, that temporarily, we forgot, the stress and problems that comes with adult life. How we all wish that day would never end.

Sharing a not a few but many laughs to those who were by our side on those struggling teenage years can be very rewarding. It is fun to go down “memory lane”.

Lastly, I then realized that most of us has develop wisdom and maturity as we age. We are no longer the high school student with lots of drama and fights, laugh and tears, lots of crushes ( hi crushes!hahaha) We are now the more mature, educated individuals in our respective communities with many responsibilities in our respective field of endeavors.

Go forward batch of 1998. I am so proud of what we all have become. See you all again next time.

Catching up with a friend.

In a world with more and more people betraying you. I still have few friends that through the years our friendship grows even more.

This is Sir Monching, as I would call him. He is older by almost half of my age. Not counting the age difference, we click as friends over the years.

We’ve been to different parts of country, first with work related businesses. Yes,he is my former colleague, he left the company few years ago, and I’m still here. He is now connected with another company with almost the same business line as we are.

Every now and then we met up to have lunch, dinner or some coffee. I felt relaxed and happy being with him, aside from the fact that he is gay. He is so funny to be with and very intelligent to have conversation with.

He is an hair expert, a make up artist who work with showbiz stars before he joined the corporate world. An expert on his field yet very humble. He is loved and adored by his peers and subordinates.

He is indeed a kind soul to those people who have been with him.

To you my friend. My love will forever be. May God continue to add more and more years to your life, and give you so many successes that you truly deserved. Cheers to many more years of friendship.

This is my first blog and I’m dedicating this to you.